A pilot that

What is the pilot?
Distributing misoprostol in villages.

Misoprostol is mostly physically unavailable in remote, rural areas of the world. Unregulated drug prices also make it financially expensive. Creating a regulated drug stocking scheme will make misoprostol both physically and financially accessible to women.

Where's the pilot?
In Jigawa State, Nigeria.

Nigeria has the most maternal mortality related deaths globally. Jigawa is a state in Northern Nigeria with a maternal mortality ratio (MMR) double the national average - 1,012 deaths / 100k live births. (Finland's MMR, for comparison, is 3 deaths / 100k live births)

Distributing misoprostol in Jigawa, Nigeria to stop 85-90% of PPH cases - the #1 cause of maternal mortality.

Pilot Components

  • Stocking primary healthcare centres with misoprostol

  • Health worker upskilling

  • Involving community leaders for village education

  • Having TBAs create misoprostol micro-businesses

  • Leveraging TBAs (traditional birth attendants) to administer misoprostol

  • Reducing drug costs by 30-80%

  • Increasing home-birth hospital referrals

  • Understanding the cultural perspectives of women

Physically & Financially Accessible PPH Medication

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