About EMM

EMM is the catalyst in transforming research into successful maternal health interventions. We turn academic lingo into simple recommendations and visuals for local organizations and governments to leverage. Our team specializes in materials distribution and medical training for low bandwidth health workers.

We're currently working with an advisory board of 30 diverse public health and women's empowerment professionals, a Nigerian non-profit (FAYOHI) and the Ministry of Health on a maternal mortality reduction project in Jigawa State, Nigeria.



Healthcare shouldn't be a commodity, especially for people bringing life into the world. We believe in accessible healthcare whose quality is not determined by a patient's bank account.

Our mission is to increase the rate of implementation of and accessibility to life-saving maternal health interventions.There are amazing initiatives and research that haven't reached all communities in need.


Simplicity is sophisticated. Simplicity does not mean sacrificing details or thoughtfulness; it is the sacrifice of the unnecessary. We believe simple solutions scale easier and faster, which saves more lives. Remove the nice-to-haves; save lives.

Build from the community-up. Real change comes from the ground up. We want to have a local-first perspective to ensure the impact is beneficial and can be sustained.

Open-source collaboration. We believe EMM should work with passionate people who want to change their communities. We strive to enable people, especially young girls, to create change in their environment. The open-source movement revolutionized software. Healthcare is next.