Training Materials

Who are TBAs?
Traditional birth attendants.

Medically untrained birth attendants that help deliver 80%+ of babies in rural/remote communities.

Why are we training them?
They have direct access to women.

Misoprostol is a cheap uterotonic drug that can stop 85-90% of PPH cases. TBAs can administer it.

Women trust traditional birth attendants (TBAs). They're the gatekeepers of change.

9 Session Curriculum

  • S1: Understanding maternal mortality

  • S2: Basic of maternal care

  • S3: Intro to PPH and misoprostol

  • S4: Before misoprostol administration

  • S5: Misoprostol administration

  • S6: Post-Administration Part 1

  • S7: Post-Administration Part 2

  • S8: Misoprostol Recap

  • S9: How to be a communal educator

Simple, Pictorial and Scalable.

""Effective quality participatory training is a key tool to successful service delivery of any program implementation. The approach employed in designing the training plan is innovative to serve the purpose in which the project needs for effective and efficient service delivery. The concept of participatory and role play using a model will enhance good learning and practical scenarios of field encounters with learners actively involved in the training process. Also considering the cohort strategy of 25 participants per cohort is well design for better audience participation, Great job to all the team members"

Blessing Chiroma

"This is a great project put together by young minds, I went through the training manual and I could see evidence of hard work which will eventually translate into reduction in maternal death in Nigeria. "

Dr. Victoria Adjepo
Africa DEF

"If TBAs are taught to execute cost-effective PPH prevention practices in primary healthcare settings, it will have the highest and most direct impact in reducing maternal mortality by targeting preventable deaths"

Mehreen Shahid
Misoprostol Distribution Expert

"Firstly, the training plan is simple, easy to comprehend and realistic. This training plan is very informative, timely and resourceful as it promises to impact knowledge and educate TBA on the use of misoprostol in order to prevent PPH ultimately reducing maternal mortality."

Dr. Uzor Angelina
Nigerian Doctor

"I do believe the project will go a long way to reduce maternal mortality. The problem has always been that families face huge financial risk in accessing health care services especially among intending mothers. The project is meant to change that prospect. If the TBAs are well sensitized, motivated and supported, they'll turn out en masse and will be happy to help other women. I'm glad the religious/cultural aspects are taken care of as the facilitators have (will have) a better understanding of the environment."

Nsikakabasi George
Public Health Expert
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